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CrossMgr software is under continuous development, with new features added as often as weekly. Users of CrossMgr are encouraged to submit recommendations for new features to  As an open source program, the development of new features can be monitored on

CrossMgr is supported on both Mac OSX and Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.  CrossMgr 1.93.5 is the last version to support Windows XP; subsequent versions will not run on Windows XP.  Camera support for CrossMgr is available only on Windows.  When using a Windows computer, a laptop with a solid state drive (SSD) is recommended for higher performance and reliability.

Major Features in CrossMgr:

  • runs on Mac OSX 10.8+ or Windows Vista & later computers.
  • supports any USB camera on Windows computers, with options to take pictures of every racer on every lap or only the last lap.
  • directly supports J-Chip, Impinj, Alien and Orion RFID readers for real-time lap data.
  • allows manual entry via keyboard, mouse and touch screen.
  • supports data file import for lap data created by RFID readers.
  • built-in help for all features.
  • supports multiple monitors with tear-off windows that can be displayed on separate monitors.

Complete support for bicycle racing:

  • criterium races display lap data with notes for primes.
  • time trial support for scheduled start times with manual or RFID finish.
  • complete support for mass start road races.
  • all race formats allow multiple categories with different start times offset from the race start.
  • start time can be scheduled and then changed after the race starts.

Registration input:

  • Registration data is stored in Excel and linked to CrossMgr.
  • Optional support for RaceDB to manage registration data.
  • Registration data includes bib, chip and start time for time trials.

Results output:

  • produces Excel file for direct upload to USA cycling.
  • produces data file for direct upload to
  • produces complete results in Excel.
  • publish HTML results real time and directly to a web-site with integrated FTP.

27 thoughts on “CrossMgr Features”

  1. As a member of a small volunteer run Mountain Bike club in New Zealand, we have been using CrossMgr for timing small cross country mountain bike races for some time (longer then I have been a member) and have recently started holding a team’s endurance race. We held the first annual race in February to great success, only thing was each team member had to have the same number and there was no option to see which rider did what time unless you knew the order of your laps. If you were to look at making any updates to the software the option to enter teams of people and categorize teams would be absolutely awesome!

    Kind regards
    Blair Westoby
    South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club

    1. Great idea, we’ll forward it to the developer for consideration. In the meantime, using the lap notes you can enter a riders name on each lap.

      1. I currently use cross mgr for cyclocross races. I would like to use it for a 5K cross country event. How can I enter everyone in for one lap? I am use to having a race duration.

  2. Will Crossmgr work with diy hardware setups? We are planning to purchase off the shelf components and use Crossmgr.

    1. According to its spec (, the Motorola FX7500 reader supports LLRP (Low-Level Reader Protocol).

      That means that this reader should work with CrossMgrImpinj, which supports the LLRP compatible reader. CrossMgrImpinj uses “vanilla” LLRP with no vendor-specific features. The documentation explains what ports you have to open, etc. Not opening ports is the biggest problem people run into.

      That said, please understand that I do CrossMgr as a hobby in my spare time. I have two Impinj readers that other organizers have provided for me to test with, and I can test with them at any time.

      I do not have access to a Motorola FX7500. If you ran into trouble, there would be no way for me to help.

      So… if you have access to the Motorola reader and it works, but all means go for it.

      If it doesn’t work, or you want to “run with the herd”, consider a new Impinj 420 reader for big bucks, or pick up a used R1000 reader on ebay ( for $200.
      The R1000 may need to be factory reset (which the CrossMgr community can tell you how to do), but it will work fine.

        1. The full manual for the R1000 is available as a PDF with instructions on doing a factory reset:

          The R1000 does have an external reset button, its in a small hole covered by a screw next to the Ethernet port. Connect to the reader using an Ethernet cable and web browser with the IP address of the reader. The reader uses a default hostname of “Speedway-XX-XX-XX” where the X’s are the last six digits of the MAC address printed on the reader label. In the event the reader IP and MAC address are unknown, download free Wireshark software to identify the IP, hostname and MAC address of the reader.

          1. Actually the R1000 does have an external reset button – there’s a screw next to the ethernet port which you can remove, then insert a paperclip.

          2. I have managed to connect to my impinj 1000 from my computer via web I have two questions:

            1) how can I connect to the CrossMgr

            2) MY equipment only has American configuration

            3) I bought some chips from a Chinese manufacturer that says it supports the three frequencies and the impinj, The Chinese reader does read it but the impinj as I can record on this American frequency, what equipment do I need?

          3. In addition to CrossMgr, also download and run CrossMgrImpinj software. CrossMgrImpinj acts as the gateway between your Impinj R1000 reader and the CrossMgr software. Also, download TagReadWrite, it will be useful for reading individual tags and writing new numbers into a tag.

  3. Other than the R1000 reader and laptop what other hardware is needed for a simple Criterium setup……Thanks Ron

    1. In addition to the Impinj R1000, the following parts are necessary:
      – 24v power supply for Impinj R1000; the R1000 does not support Power over Ethernet.
      – RG58 or LMR200/400 cable with N male connectors.
      – 1 to 4 antennas.
      – RFID chips mounted on each bike.
      – Ethernet cable from R1000 to laptop.

  4. Hello, I’m not sure this is the place for this, but here goes. I have downloaded CrossMgrAlien but the software cannot login into my alien reader. alien & password. I know that is it because I can telnet to it and get in. Is there any settings I need to provide. I don’t see a configuration menu.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Paul C. Strother

  5. Hello,
    I have downloaded the CrossMgr V2_20_13 and tested the time trial features. However I could not key in the bib number manually in the Record Tab after I clicked on the Tap for time button.

    please guide me. thanks

    1. Start with File/New to create a new race, then Start the race. Enter bib numbers on the F2/Record page, or switch to Tap for Time to record a time and then enter the bib number. Press save after entering times and bibs with Tap for Time. In bib record mode, type the bib and press enter to record the time. Tap for Time is useful when you see a finisher but can’t identify their bib.

      1. Yes, I have created new race and uploaded the TT start time using the Import TT Start Time feature.

        The riders started as set in the file. However I could not key in the bib number manually using Tap for Time. In MTB downhill races I usually could not identify the bib number until they reached the finish line. I would prefer to key in the bib number manually after the rider crossed the finished line

  6. Is there a way to display the overall category place along with the individual sub category placing in one results page and vice versa? We often see results presented like this so you can quickly see your overall place and category placing at the same time.
    Thank you.

      1. Hi, thanks for the quick reply, sorry I hadn’t seen it. I am not sure if I am understanding correctly but adding a custom category with all bib numbers just seems to repeat the same results as the start wave category without the individual sub category result. I was hoping to get a results page that has the overall position in a column and alongside it in another column – a sub category position. Say 3rd overall, 1st in Veteran category.

    1. No, CrossMgr doesn’t display a second finish order in the same results line. Instead, it uses the custom category feature to create new combinations. You can write to with a suggestion for creating additional finish results order for each finisher.

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